Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another place to buy Ikura!!

I have been searching the web for more places to purchase Ikura and I found this great website, They have endless amounts of caviar, but more importantly they sell Ikura!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tokyo's Best Sushi Restaurant

Sushi Mizutani, located in Chuo, Tokyo, Japan, is known as the the best sushi restaurant in all of Japan. It  earned three Michelin Stars in 2009 and has been putting customers in awe ever since. However, if you wish to dine on this delectable food you have to make a reservation two months in advance and hope that you get one of the ten countertop seats in the whole restaurant. Chef Mizutani is nearing 70 years old, but his preparation of his seafood is known around the world. From endless amounts of Ikura, to fresh pink tuna, everything in this tiny space is of the highest quality. He is known to have the most delicate knife skills, making the fish the center of attention and not hindering its flavor or appeal. I am planning on traveling to Tokyo during the summer of 2012 and hopefully I will be lucky enough to sit in one of those ten wooden counter seats!