Saturday, May 14, 2011

How does Ikura taste?

        The uniqueness of Ikura is the distinct flavor that it contains within its tiny orange capsule. The flavor is composed of a fishy explosion that makes your taste buds jump, but it is a rather ephemeral taste, which in turn makes you crave more and more. Each mini "pop" of every little orb encompasses an immense amount of flavor. If paradise could exist within a piece of food, it would exist inside each individual piece of Ikura. Due to its amazing flavor, Ikura can be used in so many diverse aspects of food to make a simple plate of food turn into an incredible oasis of flavor. Ikura can be placed atop a bagel with cream cheese, within an omelette, inside of a piece of sushi, on top a simple bowl of rice, and even in pasta. The reason why Ikura is such an amazing piece of food is because of its astounding and unrepeatable piquancy that is beyond belief.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

So what does Ikura even mean and where does it come from?

       I know many people are probably curious about the significance of  the word "Ikura". Well, it is the fully ripe internal ovaries or egg masses of salmon. Frankly, this definition doesn't seem that appealing, but to me, "Ikura" means tiny orange spheres that contain and explosion of flavor that can put a smile on anyone's face. What is unique about Ikura is that it can only be found in one distinct species of fish, and that would be the humble salmon. The word "Ikura" is a modified version of the Russian word "ikra" which means caviar. About anywhere from 2,500- 7,000 of these delectable reddish-orange spheres, that look like minute suns, can be found in the belly region of a female salmon (shown above by the drawn in red lines).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What is Ikurajon?



           IkuraJon is the combination of the unique area of food and my name. I decided to begin a blog about Ikura not just because it is an incredibly unique area of food, but because it comes from an animal that inhabits the water. I have always been interested in the wonders of the endless oasis, also known as the the ocean, for quite some time now. Whenever I am near the ocean I am always in awe because it is such a vast and principal part of our world. From the fish that swim in it, to the boats that ride on top of it, the ocean is such a jaw-dropping sight that amazes me every time I see it. Since Ikura comes from this amazing place, I knew that writing about this astounding and mouth-watering delicacy would only contribute to the admiration I have for the ocean and for all its inhabitants.

The First Ever IkuraJon Post!

        Starting at my diaper wearing days I was always intrigued by the vast variety of food that I experienced. Around the age of two, I laid eyes upon this unique type of caviar. Ikura denotes fish roe, but to me it connotates these tiny orange edible spheres, that pop and explode with an intense and unique taste. When I was seven years old my parents opened my eyes to the amazing world of sushi, and this is where my eyes gazed upon these glowing orbs within the confines of a refrigerated display. Their orange color was incredibly appealing to a little seven year old like me, and I knew I had to try them. The only words that left my mouth were, "mommy, I want some of those please!" As the waitress placed this delectable mountain of Ikura in front of my tiny seven year old head, I fell into a deep trance of wonderment! I dug into the mound of astonishment and right then and there, I knew that I was in love! How could something so diminutive and colorful be so amazing? Most seven year olds would prefer a simple bright red fire truck or a couple of small plastic dinosaurs to throw around, but all I wanted was more and more Ikura.