Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dinner at Blue Ribbon Sushi!!

Check out the top of their website!!

One of my favorite sushi restaurants in Manhattan is Blue Ribbon Sushi. It is a very discrete restaurant, with no sign or name on the outside. Walk down a few steps, open the large wooden door and you are inside. They have the freshest fish around, but that's not why I went there. I was there for two delicious pieces of Ikura. The unique thing about these pieces of Ikura, is the marinade they are soaked in. Head sushi chef Toshi Ueki-San marinates the sujiko (the sac of Ikura) in soy sauce, sake, and sugar. The sugar adds a bit of a sweet taste to it and also eradicates the fishy smell. Taking my first bite, these pieces of Ikura were so sweet as well as salty from the soy sauce. Their texture was similar to other pieces of Ikura I have had, but they were very flavorsome.

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