Wednesday, March 14, 2012

IkuraJon is heading to Japan

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   I have always wanted to go to Japan ever since I picked up my first piece of Ikura. The culture, food and people caught my eye when I was very young and I planned on traveling to Japan when I turned 18. So this April, I am finally embarking on my journey to Tokyo and several other places in search of Ikura! Upon my research, I found a fascinating website, which talks all about the traditions and rules of Japanese sushi conveyor belt restaurants (Sushi-Ya restaurants). The customs inside a Sushi-Ya are very unique from those in a typical American sushi restaurants, such as positioning your hands on the counter and ordering directly from the chef. This article depicts about one hundred photos of different types of sushi being ferried along a tabletop conveyor belt. The anticipation is ridiculous. I am so eager to immerse myself in Japanese culture, customs and most importantly, Ikura!

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