Saturday, May 14, 2011

How does Ikura taste?

        The uniqueness of Ikura is the distinct flavor that it contains within its tiny orange capsule. The flavor is composed of a fishy explosion that makes your taste buds jump, but it is a rather ephemeral taste, which in turn makes you crave more and more. Each mini "pop" of every little orb encompasses an immense amount of flavor. If paradise could exist within a piece of food, it would exist inside each individual piece of Ikura. Due to its amazing flavor, Ikura can be used in so many diverse aspects of food to make a simple plate of food turn into an incredible oasis of flavor. Ikura can be placed atop a bagel with cream cheese, within an omelette, inside of a piece of sushi, on top a simple bowl of rice, and even in pasta. The reason why Ikura is such an amazing piece of food is because of its astounding and unrepeatable piquancy that is beyond belief.

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