Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What is Ikurajon?



           IkuraJon is the combination of the unique area of food and my name. I decided to begin a blog about Ikura not just because it is an incredibly unique area of food, but because it comes from an animal that inhabits the water. I have always been interested in the wonders of the endless oasis, also known as the the ocean, for quite some time now. Whenever I am near the ocean I am always in awe because it is such a vast and principal part of our world. From the fish that swim in it, to the boats that ride on top of it, the ocean is such a jaw-dropping sight that amazes me every time I see it. Since Ikura comes from this amazing place, I knew that writing about this astounding and mouth-watering delicacy would only contribute to the admiration I have for the ocean and for all its inhabitants.

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