Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Montauk Ikura Adventure

       Salty fishermen, the world's freshest fish, the memorable lighthouse with its faded red and white colored paint, and remarkable surfing conditions are a few of the many characteristics that describe Montauk, NY. As I roll down the window of my car, cruising down Old Montauk Highway, a salty and refreshing aroma begins to rush in through my freckled nose. The undulating is a sight like no other in the entire world. My Ikura journey has brought me to the Westlake Chowder House, which has been a seafood staple for decades. As I am seated I immediately scan my eyes down the menu to find the succulent orange spherical Ikura. I order myself a mouthwatering piece of Ikura accompanied by a spicy salmon roll and a shrimp tempura roll all plated with vast amounts of tasty sauces. I take my first bite out of the Ikura roll and immediately feel the sensational pop! pop! pop! of each individual sphere. This Ikura has a distinct salty and vinegary taste because it has been marinated in soy sauce, sake and rice wine vinegar created by Sushi Chef Steve Chen. The texture of this Ikura is rather unique, partially due to the duration of time these pieces of Ikura spend bathing in this marinade. Yet again, Ikura proves it self to be so succulent, versatile and delicious, this time in Montauk, NY.

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