Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ikura adventure

Today I began my journey to find the restaurants that uniquely served this succulent delicacy. My journey brought me to Morimoto in New York City which is known as one of the best sushi restaurants in this vast urban landscape. As I sat along the beautifully carved wooden sushi bar, I gazed upon a large bowl full of Ikura. These pieces of Ikura were shimmering behind a refrigerated piece glass case and were just waiting to be eaten. I ordered myself two rolls of just Ikura, nothing else inside, to experience the full taste of these salmon eggs. I watched carefully as sushi chef Kwang Kim intricately created each individual roll. After observing it's beauty, I lifted the roll and took my first bite. Pop! Pop! Pop! is all I felt inside my mouth as each of these pieces of Ikura released their incredible distinct flavors. These pieces of Ikura tasted like no other piece of Ikura I have ever tasted before. They were sweet, salty, and fresh which was from chef Kim's unique marinade consisting of sake, soy sauce, and yuzu pepper skin. Words cannot fully describe how amazing this Ikura tasted. The flavor stimulated my taste buds in a way that made every other piece of sushi that came afterwards taste sublime.

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