Friday, June 24, 2011

That's not a salmon!

                  My quest for delicious and unique Ikura has brought me to one of my favorite places on earth; Montauk, NY.  This community has been around since 1852 and is known for its thriving fishing community, great surfing swells, and of course Frank Mundas the famous captain of The Orca in the movie Jaws. A tradition that my father and I have, is to go fishing at our secret fishing spot every weekend that we are in Montauk. So today, I strolled down the dock, cast my line into the shimmering harbor full of fishing vessels and watched as my lure soared through the water. As I began to reel in my line a felt something grab my lure and before I knew it, I had a fluke flopping up and down on the dock. Eventually, I had to throw it back since it was under regulation size for recreational fishing. Wait a minute, fluke don't even carry Ikura!

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